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It’s well known that China has been the world’s fastest growing economy for over ten years. With countries like the UK clamouring to cosy up to the Chinese government in the hunt for lucrative trade agreements and a slice of economic success, you could be forgiven for thinking western job seekers have a bright professional future in […]

A recent survey, carried out across 12 European countries by the non-profit market research group GfK Verein, has revealed that unemployment represents the greatest dilemma in Europe. Interviewees were asked the open question, “In your opinion, what are the most important issues that need be resolved in [relevant country] today?”. The answers were not limited, […]

For qualified teachers looking for a challenge, taking a job in an international school halfway around the world is a good start. The chance to experience a different culture is something many travellers seek, but living and working in a country opens up a whole new perspective. Now previously unthought of destinations are opening up […]

Already more than 40% percent of employees in the oil & gas sector are working abroad, according to a study by Hays. Yet another study attests the energy sector to be the one where international experience is in the most demand. These are only a couple of reasons why people seeking work abroad could find […]

When considering moving to another country for work there are many factors you should bear in mind. Besides a country’s job market prospects, the overall employee satisfaction in countries you are looking at may help you to make your decision. The Randstad Workmonitor (published in September 2012) provides detailed information on 32 countries in Europe, […]

There’s no doubt the world’s hottest economies are in Asia. Countries like China, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia feature higher growth than developed nations and greater political stability than the emerging economies of the Middle East. A piece by Sarah Mishkin in yesterday’s Financial Times explores the glut of expat workers moving east–a trend which has picked […]

China, Brazil and India are the top destinations for expat jobs, reported Brookfield Relocation Services in its 2011 Global Relocation Trends Survey. Rather unsurprising considering the engine for global growth has shifted from the US and Europe to these emerging economies, which were better able to whether the global recession. Ironically, these are also the […]

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