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Over 10,000 teachers will this summer be packing their suitcases, finalising their visas and saying goodbye to their families and friends as they start a new life teaching overseas. They will be joining 293,000 other qualified, English-speaking teachers already working in international schools around the world. For the new teachers who will be making this […]

Conventional wisdom holds that only 10% of internet job searchers are successful. Concentrating exclusively on online job boards means you have almost no chance of getting hired. And though there’s not a lot of research on the subject, odds are probably even worse for expats.

Expats working in Bahrain are subject to special fees, which of course make life difficult for private business whenever they rise. The fees were initially frozen back in April, when the government hoped to offset the damage two months of social unrest did to the economy. On Sunday Bahrain’s cabinet agreed extend that freeze till April […]

Australia’s troubled job market is in for more pain, according to an article by Colin Brinsden in the Sydney Morning Herald. The land down under has advertised for 20% less jobs in the past year, with a seasonally-adjusted dip of 1.5% in September alone. David de Garis, Senior Economist for National Bank Australia, commented: This […]

Another reason for expat job seekers to get on social media (as if they needed one): companies are devoting more effort to integrating social media networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook into their recruitment strategies. Case in point: software from aQayo, Asia’s leading provider of e-recruitment systems. The company recently launched an upgraded version […]

China, Brazil and India are the top destinations for expat jobs, reported Brookfield Relocation Services in its 2011 Global Relocation Trends Survey. Rather unsurprising considering the engine for global growth has shifted from the US and Europe to these emerging economies, which were better able to whether the global recession. Ironically, these are also the […]

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