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A recent study carried out by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and The Network, has listed the most desirable cities for expat job seekers. Over 200,000 people from 188 different countries participated in the study and, with 16% of the votes, London was chosen as the favourite city amongst foreign workers. Perhaps this doesn’t come as […]

Do you find working in your home country is becoming boring? Well, if you are looking for a job abroad, London may be your best option in the next year. What’s so great about London? London is a dynamic, diverse, creative, multicultural, successful, ambitious, open-minded, modern, food-loving city full of parks, museums, high buildings and […]

After the financial and economic crisis many people associate the Spanish job market with a high unemployment rate, low salaries and long working hours. While it might be true that it’s difficult to find a job in Spain at the moment, it’s definitely not impossible. There is still a strong demand for highly-skilled foreign employees […]

HSBC, in association with the Guardian, has recently published their guide to cities on the rise: A world of expat opportunities. We take a look at the destinations they say will dominate this year and some others that are looking to tempt the ever-growing global workforce. Brasilia, Brazil In recent years Brazil has become a […]

Some say ‘the grass is always greener on the other side,’ and some people are actually brave enough to try and find their luck and fortune somewhere else. So, which country gives you the best chance of finding a better life? HSBC Expat recently published their annual Expat Explorer Survey comparing expat destinations across three […]

A recent survey, carried out across 12 European countries by the non-profit market research group GfK Verein, has revealed that unemployment represents the greatest dilemma in Europe. Interviewees were asked the open question, “In your opinion, what are the most important issues that need be resolved in [relevant country] today?”. The answers were not limited, […]

Graduate professionals regularly ponder over the option of moving abroad to launch their career. Indeed, taking your skills elsewhere can be very beneficial to you as a professional and to your potential employer. But where are the best places to move to? A recent report by The Global Professionals and Hydrogen outlines the results of […]

For qualified teachers looking for a challenge, taking a job in an international school halfway around the world is a good start. The chance to experience a different culture is something many travellers seek, but living and working in a country opens up a whole new perspective. Now previously unthought of destinations are opening up […]

With the vast number of students and the continued prominence of English as an international language, teachers are more in demand than ever. ISC Research data shows there are now 300,000 fully qualified English-speaking teachers in international schools. That figure is expected to pass 500,000 by 2022, so the market is going to be wide […]

Already more than 40% percent of employees in the oil & gas sector are working abroad, according to a study by Hays. Yet another study attests the energy sector to be the one where international experience is in the most demand. These are only a couple of reasons why people seeking work abroad could find […]

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