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When considering moving to another country for work there are many factors you should bear in mind. Besides a country’s job market prospects, the overall employee satisfaction in countries you are looking at may help you to make your decision. The Randstad Workmonitor (published in September 2012) provides detailed information on 32 countries in Europe, […]

The International Monetary Fund forecasts Australia’s unemployment rate to remain low at 5.2% in both 2012 and 2013. Australian economy profile 2012 says that the country’s abundant and diverse resources attract foreign investors, that includes extensive reserves of coal, iron ore, copper, gold, natural gas, uranium and renewable energy sources. Does this make it easier […]

When looking for a job abroad, it’s important to keep in mind what it is that’s enticing you away, and for how long. Are you hoping for a higher income, with a bigger house and the other benefits that this could bring? Or is the opportunity for more free time to enjoy your new lifestyle […]

There are certain qualities you look for in a country when planning a move overseas. You might consider the country’s location, climate, healthcare system, schools, language and whether it is safe for your family. But the most important quality to consider is its economic stability. Why is this so important? Because it will tell you […]

Mongolia may not be on everyone’s must see list, but as an expat destination it is increasingly popular. The capital, Ulaanbaatar (Ulan Bator or “UB”) is attracting increasing numbers of expats to its streets. There aren’t many statistics on Mongolia’s population and even fewer to predict future population trends. However, the 5,000 expatriates who currently […]

Retail banks in GCC countries like the UAE and Abu Dhabi face a shortage of qualified staff, even as they try to expand regionally. According to a Reuters report, they are struggling to find and retain qualified talent, since many locals prefer to work either government or investment banking jobs. Could this lead to an upswing […]

Australia’s troubled job market is in for more pain, according to an article by Colin Brinsden in the Sydney Morning Herald. The land down under has advertised for 20% less jobs in the past year, with a seasonally-adjusted dip of 1.5% in September alone. David de Garis, Senior Economist for National Bank Australia, commented: This […]

Singapore is well-known as one of the top expat destinations in the world, for both career prospects and family life. Now the company is looking to target the technology sector, particularly innovative expat entrepreneurs. According to a recent CNN Money piece by Katherine Ryder: Singapore’s new pet project is creativity. The country has long had its […]

China, Brazil and India are the top destinations for expat jobs, reported Brookfield Relocation Services in its 2011 Global Relocation Trends Survey. Rather unsurprising considering the engine for global growth has shifted from the US and Europe to these emerging economies, which were better able to whether the global recession. Ironically, these are also the […]

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