One of the most modern trade and finance centers in the world – Singapore

When moving abroad, expatriates look for more than just economic opportunities. Destinations which provide a good environment for raising a family and allow expats to adapt to a new culture easily are also very important. The countries on the list were reported to provide a great overall experience for expats. 1. Singapore – The city of Singapore offers expats the opportunity to live in one  of the most modern trade and finance centers in the world. Being the eighth most expensive city in the world, living in Singapore isn’t cheap, mostly due to housing and night life costs. However, this is well compensated by the high-quality of accommodation, the affordability of good private education, health care, home services as well as relatively cheap groceries. Expats planning to rent a large space as an apartment or a family house should budget $3,000 – $6,500 Singapore Dollars (US$2,388 – $5,174) for housing. Like anywhere else, prices may change depending on location.

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2. Hong Kong – Hong Kong is a major financial hub that serves as an international trade and cultural center. In recent years, the combination of high standards of living and low taxes has made this destination a very attractive one for expats from all over the world. Hong Kong has the best-paid expats as almost 50% earn more than US$200,000 a year. This allows expats to save money during their time abroad, despite the costly accommodation.
Expatriates moving here can expect to pay an average of HK$21,949 (USD$2,830) for a two-bedroom apartment. Prices can reach up to HK$124,094 (USD$16,000) per month for a luxury three-bedroom apartment.

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3. United Arab Emirates (UAE) – The UAE is a very popular destination for expats from all over the world due to the high quality of living and an increasing expatriate community. Many newcomers to the UAE head to Dubai, the 81st most expensive city in the world according to Mercer’s index. Expats who are moving to Dubai should expect to pay a lot for housing. The average rent ranges from AED20,000 – 55,000 (USD$5,400 – $15,000) a year for a studio apartment and from AED30,000 – 75,000 (USD$8,167 – $20,419) a year for a one bedroom apartment.

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4. Mexico – In recent years, Mexico has become a destination for global companies who aim to expand their business and penetrate the rich markets of the U.S. and Canada. While many expats arrive in Mexico for work reasons, others come to retire, enjoy the warm weather and low living costs the country has to offer. Expats moving to Mexico can expect to spend an average of 6,345 pesos (USD$495) on a one-bedroom apartment in an urban area like Mexico City.

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5. Australia – Companies find the land “down under” more and more attractive for doing business because of the huge potential market and ease of access to SE Asia. The country’s abundant and varied natural resources are also a big draw. Australian cities have become more expensive in recent years; two of the most popular expat cities in Australia are Sydney and Melbourne, which are the 11th and 18th most expensive cities in the world. Rent prices in Australia are calculated per week; for apartments in Sydney expats can expect to pay an average of AU$545 (US$583) a week, while an apartment in Melbourne will cost on average AU$383 (US$377) a week.

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